Are you sure it isn’t the temperature control?

I didn’t want to go separate from air conditioning.

I’m not one of these people who puts my cash ahead of my comfort.

When I first got air conditioning, my partner didn’t guess it was necessary; She said the window air conditioning units worked well, and they were cheaper. When they began dying one-by-one, she wanted to start replacing them. I told him it would be just as costly to replace every window air conditioning unit, as it was to get a central air conditioning unit. She didn’t guess me, however she called the Heating and A/C company and had a business come to the loft and give us a estimate for the central A/C unit. Once the air conditioning was installed, my partner was happy she had done it. She told me when this air conditioning unit died, we were going back to window air conditioning units. She wasn’t going through the hassle of having another Heating and A/C system installed, and she didn’t want to put that much cash out. So, here it is fifteen years later, and the air conditioning unit died. I called to make an appointment to have a business come to the loft and inspect the A/C unit. I told them I thought the air conditioner was dead, however I needed to make sure. I also mentioned my partner’s ideas on getting window air conditioning units if this one died. When the Heating and A/C business arrived, I kept hoping it was just the temperature control. I even asked if she was sure it isn’t the temperature control, however she said it was the air conditioning unit that died.
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