Are you sure the ductless HVAC system will work for us?

My husband had done a lot of research on the ductless HVAC system.

He could recite half the articles he saved, since he had read them so often.

He told me about the efficiency ratings of both the air conditioning and the heating. He quoted me cost of running the ductless HVAC system, and how much we would save not using window air conditioning units and the furnace. I got a lesson environmental impact of the use of fossil fuel and how much we would save by not using it as fuel for the furnace. I was okay with all the facts, but I had a question. Are you sure the ductless HVAC system will work for us? We lived in an area where the winters were harsh and the summers were hot and humid. Would the ductless HVAC system keep us warm when it was 20 below zero and raining snow and ice down on us? Would it cool the house when it was 100 degrees outside with 95% humidity levels? Did it take humidity out of the house in the summer and place humidity into the house in the winter? My husband told me he had just read an article that they now made ductless HVAC for areas where it was extremely cold. Just like with any heating system, we had to have an alternative heating system. If the power went out during extreme cold, we wouldn’t have a heating system. I knew he had done his homework, and I told him to have it installed when he was ready.

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