Attention and maintenance gets the most out HVAC equipment

I don’t mind paying for quality but I just hate paying for products and services that have very little value. That’s the sort of thing that just drives me mad. I’d much rather pay 25 percent more for great quality than save that money buying junk that will have to be replaced quickly. I was definitely that way when choosing the residential HVAC for this house. When I bought this place, I knew that one of the first things I’d have to do would be to replace the heating and cooling equipment. The old HVAC unit was just that, old. It had been around for more than 30 years and looked it. The seller actually tried to pass it off as much younger than it was. That was a mistake because I caught him in a lie that would ultimately result in saving thousands because I would have to replace the HVAC unit. And I took every bit of that extra money and poured into the best HVAC technology and residential HVAC equipment that I could buy. So of course, I protect that investment with seasonal HVAC maintenance. I belong to an HVAC service plan so the HVAC company even schedules the appointments. It’s really quite a deal. But I also pay attention to the HVAC unit on my own with monthly air filter changes and inspections. Like I said, I don’t mind paying more for quality but I’ll also be sure to take care of the stuff I spend good money on. And so I don’t mind putting money into protecting the HVAC unit with HVAC maintenance.


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