Best spring ever thanks to HVAC upgrade

When my wife first suggested that we turn to air purification to remedy the indoor air odor, I was interested.

It’s not like the house was just super nasty smelling or anything like that.

But with us always experimenting in the kitchen along with the pets and the kids, our air was not exactly sweet smelling. But when we started to look at the different air purification options, I was less and less enthused. For one, I guess I just didn’t really like the idea that we had to move the air purifier all over the house. Plus, the air filter for the air purifier had to be cleaned and cleaned often. I was lucky to get the air filter changed out in our home much less deal with the air purifier every few days. And then, there was the cost. It seemed like a lot of money to have to deal with the downsides of air purification that we didn’t like so much. So we ended up passing on it for a while. But eventually, we knew that we were going to have to do something and so we went to our HVAC company for help. That’s when we found the answer to a lot of challenges. The HVAC professionals showed us the whole home air purification system. This thing goes inside the HVAC equipment and there are no filters to clean. It uses UV light to destroy the DNA of all the airborne contaminants. What’s more, I have just enjoyed a pollen free zone inside my house this spring. And frankly, it was amazing to have the inside of my house be an allergy free refuge for me.

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