Better health and direction with help from a little more HVAC

It’s not really just a home gym.

The space in my basement where my wife and I workout, do yoga and relax is a bit more than a home gym.

Still, it’s in the basement right? Well, we’re not all wealthy and fabulous. But you can sure do the best you can. We even had a ductless heat pump installed in this space to provide us with some awesome quality heating and air. Really, all of this was part of a new direction in our lives. So something like having the HVAC professionals install a ductless heat pump is worth the cost. Shoot, I bet we have saved more than enough in just bar tabs to afford that ductless heat pump. My wife and I have done a 180 when it comes to our lifestyle. Gone are the happy hours at the bar followed by pub food once the day is complete. Now, we do other things when the day inside the zone controlled HVAC is over. This is all based around some new, healthier passions. There’s a cooking class that we both enjoy. And we are even in a double pickleball league. It’s great being active. But we also can turn to our new space with the quality heating and air. There we can exercise or just meditate and do it in the HVAC comfort from the ductless heat pump. It’s just so nice to have a room where there are no distractions and the focus is on our bodies. That is made all the more possible with the ductless heat pump. Otherwise, it’d be pretty uncomfortable during the dead of winter and the height of summer.

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