Betting a new air conditioning system and winning!

As the game got intense, my boss bet to give me a new air conditioning unit if he lost

Since we had a great and profitable year as an HVAC business, the boss decided to take us to an out-of-town retreat and wind down. The retreat was for three days and two nights at a five-star resort near the ocean. On the first day, we got there and every one of us was exhausted. Fortunately, the indoor air quality in our rooms was impeccable. The resort management did understand how to keep the system cleaning and cooling the air. Since we were super tired on the first day, many of us had an early night while some of us gathered downstairs for a game of poker. No matter which corner of the resort we were at, the temperature seemed to be the same. I later understood that they had a zone control system that evened out the temperature all through the resort. The poker game got more competitive and more serious. We started betting on large items such as heat pumps, temperature controls, and mini-split air conditioners. Now and then, a waiter would come and ask if we needed anything. I also saw a cooling specialist hard at work duct sealing while another was cleaning the HVAC ducts. I knew he was a cooling expert from the badge hanging around his neck. As the game got intense, my boss bet to give me a new air conditioning unit if he lost. Guess what? He lost! This unit came as a gift from the universe as I had started saving up for a new one plus a thermostat after my previous one crashed right before the annual air conditioner tune-up was done. Being just a new contractor, my salary was not that much.


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