Big savings was the result of Winter time prep

I don’t often get a pat on the back from my husbandy for doing stuff around the house.

And that seems about right.

Far too often, I’m hanging out watching cable in the air conditioning instead of helping out. That’s 1 reason. The other reason is that I just don’t happen to be all that handy around the house. My Mom was the sort who would toil on just about anything other than the HVAC equipment in his house. But those abilities just didn’t transfer over to me. So when my husbandy plus I tallied up the total HVAC heating costs last month, he legitimately was so proud of me. And I have to say, that I was pretty surprised that my efforts at Winter time prep resulted in such significant HVAC heating savings. Our heating costs have gone up just about every year since both of us owned this house. When both of us bought the place, it came with a modern gas gas furnace that was just about as efficient as they come. I made sure that the modern gas gas furnace constantly got the heating repair from the HVAC professional each fall. But that was the extent of my Winter time preparations when it came to the house. This fall, I challenged myself to change that. I followed the list from the HVAC business website plus just went 1 by 1 until I got the condo all sealed up tight. And now, not only did I save a bunch of money, my husbandy thinks I did a good job plus that might guess even better than saving all the money.

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