Both of us had a great time camping this year

This year both of us made plans to take the whole family camping.

  • At first I thought both of us would just pack everybody up in the van, however then I realized that both of us wouldn’t have enough space for all our equipment.

I ended up looking into trailers, however the huge trailers would need a powerful truck to pull them, so I looked into RVs. The RVs were more to my liking plus all our kids thought they were awesome too. Both of us ended up renting this nice RV that had a great weather conditions control plan plus enough beds to sleep all of us comfortably. The RV also got great gas mileage because it was a hybrid RV camper. This thing was so amazing, it had solar panels all around it making it look cool plus energy efficient. I guess it’s great for people to go for such vehicles because they create less pollution plus we’re on the right path to helping save the environment. Well, it was my ultimate goal to help my family affix with nature. Both of us found a nice camping area next to a small stream! My children entirely had a lot of fun with that. They made little boats plus raced them in the stream plus it was fun seeing them have so much fun. Both of us also built a nice fire in the fireplace plus cooked our dinner. After dinner, both of us would roast marshmallows, often making s’mores as well. Both of us had a great time in that camper plus the kids said they can’t wait to go camping again, which is a beautiful thing.

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