Can’t help but be grateful for the gas furnace

I’ve had a difficult winter, and I think we’re at a turning point in terms of deciding where to live.

The old home place had a lot of added value because we upgraded the HVAC system and installed a new roof.

And when our primary investment finally paid off, we were very happy. When it came to retiring, my husband and I have always hoped that our house would be the deciding factor. The cash flow from our house did, in fact, far outpace our projections. That gave us much more self-assurance as we left the office’s commercial HVAC. However, when it came to retirement living, we were at a loss for what to do. As a result, we rented a small home with a brand-new gas furnace. I’ve had to spend the entire winter trying to recover from an injury, so I’m really grateful for that gas furnace. I fell and broke several bones, including my hip, in the very first and somewhat early snowfall of the year. As a result, the hip had to be replaced, and I had to spend the winter recovering. But thankfully, this rental home’s new residential HVAC system has kept me comfortably warm. Undoubtedly, it has been wonderful to relax in my warm, comfortable home. I’m also appreciative that the heating expenses today are much lower than what I used to pay for that large house. I believe that the fact that this injury was brought on by snow may be all we need to relocate to the south, where there is plenty of air conditioning in place of all this heating.
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