Can’t type fast enough to do my work in this cold weather

I tried to do some of my writing work outside in the mountains the other day when I was taking a small break from skiing.

At first, I was typing pretty fine, but then after about many minutes my fingers were no longer entirely working as well as well as my typing became particularly slow as well as sloppy.

I realize that you need toasty fingers to easily type fast as well as shouldn’t try to do so out on a chilly mountain top in the middle of the winter. They need to put together heated keyboards for skiers like me so we can work in chilly locations like that! The Heating as well as A/C equipment industry should get into things like this as well as expand beyond furnaces as well as air conditioning equipment. Perhaps they already have heated keyboards as well as I need to just invest in one. It would be nice to be able to work outside in the chilly temperatures on your ipad as well as have moderate hands to do the work. I am taking it easy beside my oil heating system right now because it is chilly outside as well as I am trying to get my work finished while keeping warm. My fingers are a bit chilly still as well as I can totally feel that they are a bit clumsier than normal, despite the fact that I am doing my best to keep them warm enough so I can finish my work soon. The group of us are going to go sledding soon as well as I want to get my Heating as well as A/C equipment work done so I can go with everyone! Today is our last day in this town as well as we go back to our little city later so I need to get going with my work pretty soon.
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