Care to explain how you broke the A/C unit?

My mother came into the apartment last week, plus she wasn’t glad; She saw someone had pushed the air conditioning unit off its pad, plus she wanted to think how it happened.

I couldn’t tell her that my best acquaintance had a motorcycle, plus I broke it.

I broke the motorcycle when I ran into the air conditioning unit plus pushed it off its pad. Mom finally looked at me plus said I looked like the guilty one. Instead of asking me if I broke the A/C unit, she asked if I could explain how I broke the A/C unit? I was all ready to provide her a long story plus throw in a few lies, but she was looking at me too intensely. I was sure she would think if I even deviated from the truth. I took a deep breath plus told her how I drove the motorcycle into the A/C unit, however I didn’t have time to finish. As soon as she heard the word motorcycle, she went ballistic. She had warned me not to even bring a motorcycle home. It wasn’t my motorcycle, which made her even angrier. She asked why I was on a motorcycle when I was only fifteen, plus whose motorcycle I was on? I tried to tell her, but she called my friend’s mom plus talked to her! Five hours later, he plus his mom were in my kitchen. His mom gave to let her kid spend money for half the destruction the motorcycle had caused. She also said the motorcycle was going to go away forever, plus my acquaintance was now miserable with me.

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