Changing my filters

Growing up, my grandpa was a heating and cooling technician.

Since my grandpa lived right down the street from us, we spent a lot of time over at his house. My grandpa was the type of person who loved to talk about his job and loved to teach us about it. I remember that he would teach us all kinds of little tips and tricks when it came to the heating and cooling at his house. Sometimes, he even let me come to work with him. I couldn’t really do anything to help him, but I felt like I was on the job, which was fun as a young boy. One thing I remember is that a few times a year, we would always help grandpa swap out his air filters. My grandpa told us that one of the biggest problems he sees when going on HVAC calls is simply due to a dirty filter. People do not stay on top of changing and cleaning their dirty and clogged filters. As a result, it causes damage to their furnace, specifically to the limit switch. On top of that, dirty filters reduce the efficiency of the furnace. When I was old enough to live in my own place, my grandpa made sure to tell me that I need to change my filters once a quarter. Now, I think of my grandpa everytime I change my filters.