Changing up the HVAC priorities in our home

Every time someone mentioned the south, I was always sort of sent into a daydream.

I’d visited a few times but for some reason, it was sort of a dream of mine to live down there. I can’t say why but it just was. Of course, that’s never more true than during the winter when I’m dealing with a gas furnace that’s running all the time just so I don’t freeze. So the thought of living somewhere that I could finally get outside during the winter months would be a dream come true. My company ended up merging with a different company from down south and I ended up being asked to relocate. It was actually a really great deal as it was more money and another career achievement. Once I got down here, the first thing I noticed of course was the weather. When I arrived in the summer, I thought I was going to melt. The heat pump in my new house saved me. It’s the latest in HVAC technology when it comes to residential a HVAC. It was such a lifesaver that first summer. I need it all that HVAC cooling and more if I could have gotten it. But that sort of heat is really only around for about four months. Once you hit October, the weather is just about perfect. The heat pump may kick on a little bit during the winter to knock the chill out of the house in the morning. But that’s about all the heating we need. I’m so thankful I finally got to live this dream because I just love it here.

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