Choosing a stationary bike

When I decided to spend the money on a larger piece of workout equipment, I devoted a lot of time to research. I have limited space available in my home gym. I don’t have an unlimited budget to spend on exercise equipment. I was worried about investing into a machine that I would never use and might come to regret. Initially, I intended to purchase a treadmill. However, the hard impact on the joints of the hips, knees and feet can become a problem. I already do a lot of running and jumping rope. I needed a way to rest my body while still burning a lot of calories and elevating my heart rate. I then considered ellipticals. This type of machine engages both arms and legs and requires no jarring impact. The feet never lift off the pedals. I ended up choosing a stationary bike because of the size and price of the machine. The bike is wonderfully quiet, allowing me to workout when my family is sleeping or watching television. It features a very comfortable seat, cup holder and built-in fan to cool me down. There is a touchscreen display that allows me to adjust resistance and set goals. I can target my workout toward distance, time or calories burned. The machine keeps track of my workouts so that I can compete against my personal best. It also offers all different types of programs. I like that I can listen to music and read a book while I’m exercising. Riding the bike is so enjoyable that it feels like I’m being lazy. However, I make sure to push myself to pedal faster and burn as many calories as possible. When I get off the bike, I can feel the effort in my thighs and calves.

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