Cleaning before my in-laws

My in-laws then come to a freshly clean, well smelling house

I work an office job out in the city, but my technical prowess are limited! When I get back home I don’t have a lot of energy. My hubby and I do a lot of take out or frozen meals, the two of us watch whatever is on TV and wait for the weekends; I can’t undoubtedly clean a home like a proper homeowner. I wash bathrooms, mop the floors and dust when I can, but it isn’t frequent. When our in-laws come for a visit it is constantly stressful. My mother in law is absolutely OCD about cleaning and germs, but her home looks like a nurse’s office. It is so fresh. When I suppose they are coming I just hire out a cleaning business. I have a cleaning service that does carpet cleaning, brick and grout cleaning, power washing and dryer vent cleaning. They handle all the things that get horrible overtime when I don’t keep up with them. That way I only need to do a bare bones wash job and cleaning job on the surfaces. My in-laws then come to a freshly clean, well smelling house. I love having a reason once a year to get those things scrubbed. The grout constantly gets a little gray, the outside of the home gets webs and our carpets start to think gross, however basically when I start noticing them is when our in-laws call for a visit, and so it all works out in the end. What is fantastic is that the cleaning service never takes that long.



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