Cold and windy areas in your house?

Do you have chilly spots or hot spots in your house? Believe it or not, this is actually common… Even though Heating and Air Conditioning technology has come a long way just in my lifetime, there are still a lot of homes whose heating and cooling systems do not heat and cool the new home evenly! I have a new home that has just such things happen to it… There are little corners and Cubbies where it just does not get as hot as it does in the middle of the room.

The same holds true in the Summer months where there will be spots in the corners where it feels love the furnace is on, when it is only just the natural Sunshine Of Summer. That does not mean that all of us have to put up with all of the little Heating and Air Conditioning annoyances, heating and Air Conditioning technology has come a long way in the 40 years or so that I have been enjoying Heating and Cooling in my homes! When I first moved to this state as a child, all of us did not have any The only A/C that people seemed to have was window units. There was such a thing as central , however it was extremely rare, at least among people in my Social Circle… Later, all of us moved into a apartment that had Central Heating and Cooling. Of course all of us were way down south, as far south as you could go almost, so the furnace never got used. Every one of us didn’t even refer to it as Central Heating and Cooling, all of us simply called it central , or simply the AC. In any event, since those nights when window units were all the rage, there have been literally dozens and dozens of changes and improvements made to Heating and Air Conditioning systems. If you are still using an outdated heating and cooling plan that results in hot spots or chilly spots in your house, you should consider upgrading.


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