Continuing the story of the theif

I followed closely behind the van that was being driven by an Heating and A/C thief.

I shot a small tracking machine on the back of her truck with my advanced heating plus cooling equipment, plus then pulled over plus let him drive off.

That night, me plus my friend who is a cooling specialist tracked the truck that had stolen the hybrid Heating and A/C machine from the lab. The truck was parked at what looked love an abandoned warehouse in the woods. Inside, both of us found hundreds of different quality Heating and A/C machine plus cooling plus heating units. Every one of us searched plus found the stolen hybrid Heating and A/C unit. I was hoping that anywhere in this Heating and A/C warehouse both of us would find my fathers stolen grand central a/c prototype once plus for all. While both of us were wondering, both of us heard the door open to the warehouse. Every one of us quickly hid in one of the aisles by the tepid water boilers plus gas oil furnaces. While both of us were hiding, I noticed that each aisle was categorized. One aisle had all gas oil furnaces, oil oil furnaces, plus electric oil furnaces. The next oil furnace had whole home media air cleaners plus HEPA air filters. I realized that if I found the a/c aisle, after that I might find my father’s central a/c! I sneaked from one aisle to the next, until I found the window a/cs. When I saw the window a/cs I knew I was close. Next came the commercial a/cs, plus last in the aisle was the central a/cs. I found my fathers prototype. Every one of us called the police plus reclaimed my fathers Heating and A/C unit.

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