Cool off in your sunroom

The sunroom is a wonderful place to relax, read, sip a cool drink, or just enjoy your container plants and flowers.

  • However, in some climates, a sunroom can get very hot during the summer, so you may need to cool it off from time to time.

It may only be necessary to use a ceiling fan or a portable fan. That’s it. The air may sometimes need to be a little chillier. Since portable and window air conditioners do not require ductwork, they have been relatively inexpensive. Noise and intrusion were typical characteristics of these people. In recent years, air conditioner manufacturers have worked to overcome these drawbacks, so you can find models that cool effectively and aren’t noisy. You might not even mind having a window unit in your home since newer models have an attractive appearance. Compare prices. Portable or window units might be perfect for the summer. After you’ve finished using it, you can remove the portable or park it in the garage. Ductless mini splits are now a popular choice among U.S. homeowners. The conditioned air is distributed without ducts by heat pumps. A conduit with refrigerator lines and wires connects the outdoor compressor/condenser to the indoor air handler. It is easier to cool and heat small spaces with mini splits instead of extending ductwork. The devices are small, quiet, and easy to mount, so they aren’t intrusive.

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