Cutting the tree over my HVAC system

I have this tree that sits right over my central heating plus a/c unit plus it has been a real bother, however it keeps shedding plus risking getting inside the central heating plus a/c.

  • I decided to have the thing cut down! Without the tree there my heating plus cooling unit will be a lot better off all together.

I had thought about calling the local heating and air conditioning business to come out plus move the central heat plus air conditioning unit, even though I figured that would potentially cost way too much money verses just having a landscape business cut down the tree, however now that I have the tree cut down I plan on buying a tarp for the central heating plus cooling unit, and a tarp seems to be the largest thing right now with a lot of people buying them to protect their central heating and air conditioning units. It can protect from things like the tree I just had cut down, the leaves that gather around the heating plus a/c unit in the fall plus then also it can protect your heating plus a/c against the storms like hail plus such things like that… But I am cheerful that I finally had this tree that was a major pain in the rear cut down plus now I will no longer have to worry about it possibly messing up my central heating plus a/c.
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