Deciding to add a ductless mini split system

I debated for a while on whether or not I wanted to install a ductless mini split to improve the comfort of my home.

The house is big and old with lots of windows and high ceilings.

There have been multiple remodeling projects over the years, which have created some problems with the number of vents in different areas. Certain rooms tend to be difficult to maintain at a comfortable temperature. They might feel extremely overheated in the summer or chilly in the winter. One central thermostat doesn’t allow room-by-room targeting and our heating/cooling system is too old to upgrade to zone control. We’d need to tear out the ductwork, furnace and air conditioner and start over. A much less expensive and disruptive solution was a ductless mini split system. The installation was completed in a single afternoon and created no damage or mess. There is an outdoor compressor that is quite compact and wonderfully quiet. It links to four indoor air handlers by way of a slim conduit that houses the refrigerant, electric and draining lines. The air handlers offer a sleek design and both heating and cooling capacity. They are mounted up high on the wall and can be adjusted by way of a cordless remote or even an app on my phone. Because each one features an independent thermostat, they cater to the specifics of the single room. We have the ability to direct airflow, raise and lower fan speed and determine ideal temperature. The system features inverter technology, making operation especially energy efficient. The ductless system can be expected to last approximately twenty years.