Deck installation for my rental property

I own a rental property that is kind of in shambles.

The floors are all different levels and coming up. The washer and dryer were undersized and broken. The backyard deck was downright unsafe. I have slowly tried to make the rental property a bit more liveable. I have a family renting out from me, but they have been making a lot of demands over the years. I have prioritized what I tackle first. I started with the washer and dryer. They didn’t work and new machines wouldn’t fit. I had to rip down walls, move the hookups and buy normal sized equipment. That bought me a few months from them. Then I started working on new flooring for the place and getting everything to one level. Thankfully I was able to hire out for all the flooring needs. It was a bit more expensive but totally worth it. Next was handling that backyard deck. I looked into deck building companies and asked about deck replacement. They told me the current deck wasn’t able to be salsaved. I wasn’t going to be able to use the framework at all. The past owner did the deck installation themselves. It was unlevel with 2 x 4 boards that weren’t thick enough or the base. The deck construction told me mine just wasn’t safe. So I ended up paying for full deck installation. They did an amazing job. Since the deck is so high they had to erect cement pillars and then build the deck on top of it. It is super solid now though.
Siding Contractor