Dentists with ductless multi split systems

I am going to attempt to type this article with my fat cat on my chest, but it isn’t going to be easy because the big fat monkey is blocking half of the screen.

He is just about a year old now and I think he is about eighty percent fur.

I don’t think he is overweight but he looks fat because he has so much hair. His sister is a short haired angora and he is a long haired one apparently and looks a lot bigger than her, although they are both the same age. Normally the air purifier system is where he sleeps but today he felt a bit lonely I guess and hopped up on my chest to hangout for a bit. I just remembered that I also need to go to the dentist this week to have my tooth looked at as it is feeling quite painful. The local business down the street sells a toothpaste that helps with pain, but my HVAC tech told me to go in and get the tooth looked at before it gets worse. I will go in the middle of the week and see what the mighty dentist tells me I need, actually I probably should just get crowns put on all of my teeth as they are pretty worn down, ugh. At least the dentist office has cold a/c and a good heating system, so I will be comfortable when they use power drills on my teeth, yahoo. It looks like this week is going to be a fun one for me.

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