Did Heating as well as Air Conditioning systems just shrink?

Everyone I know who just got brand current and completely new central heating and A/Cs seem to have much smaller heat and a/c units than what I consistently have been used to; Did central heating and A/Cs just shrink? Or am I crazy? Or is this the way they are made these nights. I found out after doing some entirely curious research on the internet that yes, it is a fact that central heating and A/Cs are now made much more compact and light weight than what they were 10 years ago. Which that was about the time I purchased my last central heating and A/C unit, then so I had no idea what they were making now nights, but heating and A/C technology and how heating and A/C device are made is a whole current world today verses a decade ago. I find it both amusing and impressive that they can make an all so powerful and entirely nice central heating and A/C these nights inside a entirely small and light weight case! The thing is light enough for a single woman to be able to transfer it instead of it needing 2 to 3 people to transfer the older central heating and A/C units that I have known all of my life. Heating as well as Air Conditioning technology never stops impressing me. I am sure that there are more amazing things just around the corner!

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