Do you know Heating plus A/C corporations get discounts?

I thought this was to be our decision, so I could have a job that would make me cheerful.

My mother asked me if I thought Heating plus A/C corporations got discounts on Heating plus A/C systems plus repairs? I didn’t suppose if they did, but I assumed they would at least get their services plus replacements done for free. Two days later, she came home from work plus had a pile of paperwork that she handed to me, but after explaining that all of us would fill them out after brunch, I glanced through them, then mom had brought home an application for Heating plus A/C classes plus all the paperwork all of us needed to get help to pay for the tuition. I had never thought about going to Heating plus A/C classes after graduation. I had considered going to school, plus then going to law school. I tried to explain this to her, although she pshaw’d me, she said she couldn’t foresee any of our family needing legal help, however most people spent a lot of currency on Heating plus A/C repairs, service, plus modern equipment. If I was going to do anything that could help our family plus neighbors, it would become an Heating plus A/C corporation. I couldn’t know how her mind worked. I thought this was to be our decision, so I could have a job that would make me cheerful. After being reminded that she would have a vested interest in our job, I should make her cheerful. What would make our mom cheerful would be if I were to be an Heating plus A/C corporation so she could have free Heating plus A/C work for the rest of her life. As much as I hated doing it, I filled out the paperwork that night, plus she inspected the paperwork for the school loan. I prayed I would not be accepted.


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