Dogs cleaning each other on the a/c unit

The cats are tied up cleaning each other’s ears as I do our writing.

This month I have to put out more than one fires; 1 at the bank plus the other at the dentist office.

Life takes service plus I haven’t been undoubtedly fantastic at maintaining our teeth the past several years. My gums have been receding plus I am afraid that they are going to have to take our teeth out 1 afternoon plus substitute them with implants or something. Or I could go the old fashioned route plus just get dentures, haha, no way. Implants are extravagant plus the local company will take several trips there to get them all done. My Heating plus Air Conditioning tech friend had all of his teeth substituted with implants but they look like piano keys they are so big; The easiest way would be to get dentures but that would be a nightmare. The heating dealership where I do our Heating plus Air Conditioning sales could provide myself and others more thirds, so that would help cover the cost of the teeth overhaul task that I am going to have to get in the not so distant future. I could always yank them all out plus just drink all of our meals but I don’t recognize that would go over too well with our partner Kat. I guess the Heating plus Air Conditioning corporation can provide myself and others enough heating plus cooling device service work to spend money for the new grill so I better just get down to company plus knock it all out. This is not going to be fun but I have to do it or our health will suffer.

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