Duct cleaning solves aroma troubles

Last winter, I decided to cook salmon for dinner.

The salmon was especially fishy aromaing and tasting.

The aroma from our meal spread through the entire house. That evening, when we noticed the scent was quite strong in our dining room. The following day, the aroma continued to linger in every room, and i tried vacuuming, lighting scented candles and setting out boxes of baking soda; Unluckyly, with the outdoor temperature in the teens, it simply wasn’t possible to open the windows and take fortune of fresh air. I finally did some research and realized that the aroma had gotten into the HVAC duct. When there is an accumulation of dust and other debris concealed inside the ducts, it can absorb aromas and spread them throughout the living space every time the furnace starts up. This is an indication of troubles with airflow through the HVAC duct and concerns with indoor air conditions. It was absolutely likely that there was dust, dander, harmful bacteria and potentially mold inside the ducts. I reached out to a local Heating and Air Conditioning supplier that specializes in duct cleaning. After testing and inspecting the duct system, the specialist confirmed that cleaning was necessary. The cleaning process took several hours to complete but created no mess or disfigure. The improvement was right away obvious, but not only was the unpleasant aroma eliminated but our condo felt much more comfortable. The temperature from 1 room to another is now more consistent. I don’t need to vacuum or dust as often and our daily heating bills are significantly lower! Because the furnace doesn’t need to toil as hard to distribute heat, it should be more reliable.

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