During a heating repair my friend got bit by an animal

My partner Ed as well as I have a routine when the people I was with and I perform routine inspections as well as repair.

One of us will deal with the customer, handle the paperwork, as well as carry the tools, while the other one handles the actual work.

I love keeping our head buried in work, so I leave Ed to handle the purchaser relations. Ed has a way with people, as well as has gotten unquestionably good about up-selling them to a higher repair plan. Last year Ed as well as I were on a repair call to a cabin with a couple of really large pets. These were monster pets! While I busied myself with the HVAC inspection Ed tried to keep the pets from messing with me. One of them bit Ed right on the hand. I canceled the HVAC inspection, grabbed our tools, as well as instantly drove Ed to the emergency room at the hospital. The next day the purchaser called me back as well as had the nerve to ask when I would be coming by to finish the HVAC inspection. I calmly told the purchaser that none of our HVAC techs would ever come to his house. I was canceling his annual HVAC repair plan, as well as I might hire a lawyer to sue him for the medical bills, too. The man claimed that Ed must have done something funny if the pets bit him. That settled it, as well as I started yelling at him! I told the man that our HVAC company would absolutely be suing him in court for the medical bills, as well as that personally I thought he deserved whatever he had coming to him!
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