Excess Moisture in House

There’s been a lot of humidity in my house lately.

I noticed the excess moisture at the beginning of the summer and then it gradually worsened.

I thought the humidity could be combated with my general air conditioner, but unfortunately that hasn’t been the case. Recently, I noticed that the humidity is lingering inside my house and causing moisture to build up on my furniture and windows. Having moisture in the house is a big problem because it can turn to mold and that’s an expensive thing to fix. As soon as I noticed the moisture building up, I contacted an HVAC professional to come look at my HVAC system. I told the HVAC professional that my HVAC system seemed to be working well, so I wasn’t sure why there was an issue with the humidity. The HVAC professional looked around my entire house in order to find the problem and I was shocked by what was causing it. There were no fans or ventilation inside the kitchen or bathrooms. I knew this, but I didn’t think it was a big deal. The HVAC professional however, was adamant that this was causing the humidity to build up. Every time I cooked or showered, the humidity would build up and there was nowhere for it to escape. Unless I had proper ventilation installed, there was no way to eliminate the moisture. It sounded dreadful installing new ventilation and fans, but it sounded even worse to deal with mold damage. Therefore, I contacted a contractor about installing the equipment right away.

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