Experiencing the transformation of the heating industry

During the summer, I traveled abroad for work.

While they had summer at home, we had winter in the country abroad.

I was fascinated by how much the heating industry had evolved. In the first few years of my career as an HVAC professional, I traveled to the same country. They had a few heating units with old technology, but they did help with indoor comfort, though not as efficiently as I was used to in my home country. I found myself comparing different aspects and the heating companies. The heating businesses had just started dealing in new heating, including smart thermostats, heat pumps, and multi-split heat pumps. While the experience of living and working in both places helped me learn more about heating, I appreciated the innovativeness of the third-world country. Many homeowners had functioning whole-home heating systems and understood the need for frequent heater maintenance. As opposed to before, now most companies have stores all over the city with knowledgeable heating dealers to help with processes such as heat pump installation. With more people able to access the internet, there were many qualified heating technicians to help with the growing demand for quality indoor comfort. I lived in a penthouse downtown, and the unit I had in my house was highly efficient, and I never had any issues with it. With the help of the internet, more people were exposed to more information about the HVAC system, and since they had the units, they needed heating technicians to help them along. I was there for a few weeks and missed my family dearly. I then caught a train and traveled back to my hometown.


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