First experience

I recently had my very first experience with a portable air purification system.

I had heard about portable air purification systems for ages but never actually owned one.

What made me go out and buy a portable air purification system was because the air quality has been really awful here lately with something called ground level ozone pollution. Was constantly choking and having major issues breathing while trying to sleep. I finally had enough and decided to give one of these portable air purification systems a try. Well, I was glad that I did. While it didn’t completely remove all of my issues I was having as a result of the bad air quality, it made it so that some nights when it wasn’t as strong, that I could actually sleep in peace. I am pretty impressed by what I have seen so far with the portable air purification system. What I think is that maybe if I buy another one and have them both running at the same time it may be strong enough to combat the ozone air pollution. I’m not one hundred percent sure on this, but I think it will help more if anything. If I could afford a whole home air purification system I would invest in one of those, but since I can not, this portable air purification system will have to do the job the best that it can. Buying the additional portable air purification system I think will really be the best route to go at this point since I do know they actually work to some degree.

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