Fixing a heat pump and now I am sore

I was bent over half of the morning yesterday working on the heat pump for my central heating component and my lower back today is feeling it.

I put some Biofreeze gel on it and finished popping an Aleve for pain, those together should do the trick. If you have any kind of joint pain I suggest giving Biofreeze a try, it genuinely helps block the pain and also heal new injuries better than ice. I was installing a geothermal heat pump sureterday to replace the old electric heat pump that was no longer working and it took me a lot longer than I expected. At least it is done now and the heat is working good again, so now we will be ready when that frigid wintertime weather comes back again in the fall. Right now it is the middle of summer and legitimately hot, but the heat will soon dissipate and the cold will take its place and we will have good climate control in the house when that happens. I plan on cleaning the whole cooling and furnace in a couple of weeks because it has been a long time since I’ve done it and I suppose it needs cleaning. I think I will work on painting the mailbox today because I just painted the whole outside of the house and the block mailbox by the street now looks like the ugly duckling of the family. It’s hot out so I will take breaks and come inside to the cool A/C to cool off now and then.

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