Fixing the whole heating system

My brother and I are both ex-engineers from S.V. in Cali, you know, the locale where all of the giant tech companies began in the late 72’s and early 90’s. They were paying myself and others the giant bucks back then to build circuit boards for pagers, however after doing it for multiple years I felt that I wanted to get out of the business for good. I like to solve problems and service things, however that task ended up being a bunch of reports and meetings, so I left and never went back to it. Furnace service and air conditioner installations are much more rewarding to myself and others than reports and meetings, so I got into the Heating and Air Conditioning field and have been dabbling around in it for the past 20 years or so. I thought when I was going to engineering college that the tasks would be more exciting, however after getting into it I discovered that the corporate world was full of busy out type A personality people whom I did not want to be around. Fixing heating and cooling unit is way more fun for myself and others and today the two of us are going to do just that when the two of us go to mom’s house later on. Ever since leaving the corporate engineering world, I bet I have worked an average of 15 hours a week, which has given myself and others a lot more freedom than I would have had if I stayed in the engineering racket. Working on a furnace or a/c unit gives you an immediate reward once you find the solution, and that is all I need to guess relaxing nowadays.