Furnace troubles caused me to call the Heating in addition to A/C dealer

What was that sound? I heard something loud happen in addition to it woke up me in our deep sleep. Must have been nothing so I fell back to sleep. An minute went by in addition to I woke up again in addition to our room felt cold. I went to the control machine dial to see what it was set at in addition to it was at the temperature I always keep it at, a beautiful 75 degrees. The thing is I assume this house isn’t at 75 degrees because it feels care about it’s 65 in here. I understand to some people having your control machine set to 75 degrees is awful although I enjoy it. It’s just our comfort spot in addition to I sleep well in it. I knew there was something wrong as our house to me felt care about it was just way too cold. I’m not a fan of calling John in addition to Mark, the local Heating in addition to A/C specialists, however there was something wrong with our Heating in addition to A/C system. I called John at 1 am in addition to she answered care about she always does. She is a nice Heating in addition to A/C tech who always looks out for the people. I heard her voice sounding all tired in addition to I explained there is something wrong with our gas furnace. She asked if it was something she needed to check out now or if she could wait till morning, maybe care about 7 am to stop by. I was a bit uneasy in addition to I said it’s fine, I’ll see him at 7 am however until then I’ll have to pull out our electric blanket to keep me at the comfortable temperature I need.

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