Getting in shape with help of trainer as well as nutritionist

I was not raised to eat healthy or be active.

  • My family rarely went outdoors as well as no one participated in athletic hobbys.

The cupboards were always filled with sugary popcorn. All of us often ate donuts or waffles for lunch as well as picked up fast food for dinner. All of us ate a lot of pizza, potato snacks, ice cream as well as candy. All of us never had fruits or vegetables. My whole family was always overweight as well as several of my relatives suffered from health problems; Going through school being chubby was difficult for me. I became extremely shy as well as withdrawn. I had no plan how to make a change. When I was in college, I had access to free nutritional counseling as well as the school gym. I spoke with the counselor as well as was given a personalized meal plan. She taught me how to study labels, count calories as well as introduce healthy foods into my diet. She also set me up with a personal trainer at the gym. I started meeting with the personal trainer more than threetimes per week. The sessions were strenuous, as well as I nearly quit so several times. I was extremely sweaty, tired as well as sore after every session. Eventually, I saw improvement. I started to lose weight. I began to look as well as suppose better. I hastily had more energy. This encouraged me to job harder. On my free afternoons, I’d go for runs or bike rides. I achieved my goals as well as set new ones. I graduated from college nearly more than nine years ago, as well as I’m still working out with a personal trainer. I still eat healthy as well as maintain my optimum weight.

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