Getting out of the air conditioning for some camping

I’m the sort of guy who really likes to get out into nature. This is something that I find goes a very long way in helping me balance my life. The career I chose is an intense one. I spend a minimum of 60 hours a week inside the zone controlled HVAC of the offices. I don’t stay inside that air conditioning for fun. It’s just that this sort of effort is what it takes to succeed at what I do for a living. And I’m lucky that all that effort allows me to live a great life outside of the office. My home is super nice with great quality heating and air. It’s just me and my girlfriend and we’re both sustainability minded so it’s not some huge house. It’s a 3 bedroom home with one of those bedrooms having been converted to a home office that we share. However, we spared no expense when it comes to the stuff that we use. From kitchen tools to the heating and cooling equipment, we went for the higher end and all that added value. The residential HVAC we had installed when we bought the place is a great example. The heating and cooling equipment itself has one of the highest SEER ratings one can find. Then there is the zone controlled HVAC and a smart thermostat to take care of it all. But even with all that excellent heating and cooling comfort, I like to get out of the air conditioning any chance I can and out into the woods. Being in nature helps me remember just who I am and what I’m about.

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