Getting the most from HVAC unit thanks to HVAC maintenance

It’s been sort of weird for me this week because I’m so excited about getting our new residential HVAC.

This is a problem because I’m out of town.

While I’m sure that my wife will be more than good with managing the installation of the new heating and cooling equipment, I feel as though I missing out. When the HVAC technician told us that the heat pump was at the end, we weren’t exactly stunned by that news. We knew it was coming as the kids are just about grown ups. So of course, we expected to have to get some new HVAC equipment. But that also triggered the discussion of whether or not we should just go on and sell the house. That’s a very big deal right there. We’ve been in this house a shade under thirty years. That’s a lot of memories and connection to be giving up. But with the latest in residential HVAC and HVAC technology, our home would fetch a really big price. This has been something that my wife and I have had to go back and forth on. Ultimately, we decided to go with the works when it came to the new HVAC technology and HVAC equipment. And we’ll just have to go from there on the whole selling out issue. Still, I really wanted to be there to play with all the new HVAC technology. I’m leaning toward selling the house now while we still can. The market is hot and we’re not getting any younger. Yet, we’re not too old to make a change and do something different with our lives. So we’ll start with a new HVAC unit and all the trimmings and then maybe that will be the tipping point for the next big decision.

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