Getting to stay home from work because of a dirty HVAC system filter was the best day ever

I know you are supposed to love your job, but I do not.

In fact, I drew going to work everyday.

I really do not like what I am doing. I am only doing it in the meantime until I can find something better. Right now, I just need the money to get by. Everyday when I wake up and roll out of bed, I tell myself that it is a new day. Something exciting could happen today. Well, I did roll out of bed the other day and it turned out that my HVAC system stopped working in the middle of the night. I found this out by feeling the cold overcome my body when I got up. I went to the thermostat to turn it up and nothing changes when I tried to do something. I couldn’t go to work because this needed to be taken care of. My pipes could freeze or something could happen while I was at work. This was my something exciting that happened. I didn’t have to go to work! Although I was in a rather cold home for the day. I would much rather have that than be at okay. I was surely alright with being cold. The HVAC technician came and he only needed to change the filter. It had become clogged. For safety purposes my furnace shut down. It could even cause a fire if it keeps running. It was a good thing that it stopped. So he cleaned it out and fixed it up. I even got to spend half of the day in my warm bed. I was getting paid for this too because I still had days off to use. Life was good that day. I have never been so thankful for an HVAC breakdown.


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