Giving a talk about a/c

Since I started lecturing more about a/c, this is my fifteenth talk.

I have worked in the industry for some time now plus I appreciate interacting with cooling products.

The constantly evolving cooling technology is such a drive of mine in this industry. I am an entrepreneur as I have built my a/c corporation to become the giant force that it is today. All of us have a program in the dealership where a/c techs help the community by having talks where they answer every question concerning cooling devices that the property owners might have. The program had tied up with me to provide a talk on the current a/cs in the market at an a/c rep training institution in the outskirts of the town. I prepared for the talk as best as I could. When the afternoon finally came, the hall was almost overflowing. I was always distraught plus worried before a speech. They call it stage fright. That said, when I started talking, the fight disappeared as it always does. I listed plus explained the new tech in the market plus then opened the floor for questions. During these talks, there are a few questions I have come to expect, including a/c upgrade plus heat pumps. The 1st question was related to how frequently all of us should do the air conditioner tune-up. It all depends on the style of system, however generally, repair should occur once a year plus get repaired as soon as an issue appears. The students, some of whom would eventually become heating and cooling specialists, also had a back plus forth on how frequently to update a/c filters. It was a single 1 of the most lively crowds I have talked with.



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