Going over to my crush's house to fix the a/c

The first time I saw Bob, I had gone to his house to update the malfunctioned heating pump. Bob lived alone plus worked as a financial analyst in a Wallstreet dealership. He smelled absolutely amazing to me, plus he was strong and kind as well. His cooling device had started misbehaving a few afternoons ago, plus 1 single afternoon, Bob got to his apartment from work to find the idea not turning on. I led the team of a/c reps that handled the most current a/c upgrades. Bob was very friendly plus respectful to us plus agreed to keep up with the annual air conditioner tune-ups required to maintain the optimal function of the a/c. After showing him how to operate the current cooling product, Bob proposed that I return to the house a few weeks later to help him change the a/c filters as Bob did not mind leaving that to the a/c experts, but he would have particularly l received how to do it. Bob’s excuse was that he was tied up plus would either forget to change them or forget the process. I was talking to Bob about the growth of cooling technology when all of us were tied up to return, so I sent my team on without me. So here all of us were again, at his house doing some much-needed a/c repairs… Knowing more about air conditioners, I knew that the equipment had not been touched since all of us fitted it. I later discovered that I was also his crush, plus Bob would ignore the trouble symptoms, so I checked on the unit, and every time, the a/c corporation sent over a strange cooling specialist. He would get disappointed. Bob and I arranged to have dinner together later this week.
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