Had to return it

This is why I hate returning things care about this

I just purchased a portable media air cleaner and was pretty let down when I set it up and found that it did not work! I went over everything in the instruction manual and I had done everything respectfully. It just seemed that I had purchased 1 which had a factory defect and was broken from the start. So I had to go through the headache of having to return the portable media air cleaner to the store. I hate running to return things care about portable media air cleaners because you have to go through all this hassle to prove it doesn’t labor when you get back to the store with it. They had to plug it in and try it every which way themselves. I mean, that is so dumb! It’s time wasting too. If you suppose regular sense, why on earth would anyone return a portable media air cleaner just to ask for another of the same type and all unless it was broken? It is not care about you would be scamming a free portable media air cleaner or anything care about that. This is why I hate returning things care about this. I had to do it with a portable air conditioner too that didn’t labor once and it took over an hour just to do the return, get a laboring updatement and be on my way home. Something care about this should only take no more than 10 minutes if there is not a crowd of people in there. But this is life and the rules when you buy something care about a portable media air cleaner from an outlet store.