Harriet had to part with lots of money to repair the AC

However, she wasn’t too annoyed since her business was doing great

Harriet is an amazing baker. She began baking tasty treats after her grandmother gifted her an easy bake oven. Instead of using fake ingredients, her mom surprised her. She allowed Harriet to bake with real ingredients. Her first trials were a failure, but she learned so much. Later, in summer, she’d travel to see her grandma and learn from the expert. She had this recipe book with lots of great recipes. Harriet still uses these recipes to make the pastries in her shop to date. She only wishes her grandma was alive to see her living their greatest dream. Last month, Harriet had a huge order from a company in the city that she got home so late. It seemed like her home was warmer than usual despite the AC running. However, Harriet was too tired to worry about the faulty AC. Instead, she took a shower and was out within seconds of hitting the bed. The following morning, Harriet was out the door at 3 am to finalize the order for a party at the office. When she got home, her AC wasn’t working. Harriet tried adjusting the thermostat, but the AC didn’t turn on. Harriet had to speak with an HVAC expert to come and fix the faulty AC. It turns out the HVAC expert had to replace several faulty parts on the AC. Failure to do proper AC maintenance ended up costing Harriet lots of money to repair the AC. However, she wasn’t too annoyed since her business was doing great. About 2 hours later, the HVAC expert was done and the AC was cooling her home once more.
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