Having a dog in the house is quite interesting

I love driving my SUV and seeing new places. I have this bucket list that I’ve been following since I got my first car in high school. My goal is to see as many places as possible while driving. At times I do fly or sail, but driving is my sweet spot. Seeing the road ahead of me always gives me a sense of adventure. Last year, I drove down south to visit my aunt and her family. She’s the best person in the world and I missed her so much. After my visit, I chose to drive down the backroads instead of taking the obvious route. That’s when I saw a small puppy dart onto the road and I almost hit her. This was a small stray and I chose to take her home with me. Having a dog in my home is quite an interesting experience and I’m having so much fun. However, I’ve had to make some adjustments in terms of air conditioning. Before, I never quite minded the air conditioning being low when I left the house. Since I was gone for long at times, I’d turn it off. However, now that Molly is living with me, I have to make sure the house is comfortable for her. She tends to wine if the house feels too hot and I must adjust the temperature on the thermostat. On top of that, I’ve bought an air purifier since all the pet dander ends up affecting the air quality in my home. So far, with the air conditioner and air purification system, we are both living a wonderful life. I plan on taking her on her first adventure soon.



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