He asked where the FAQs page was?

I was on the iphone with a single of our HVAC shoppers last week.

He told myself and others he was looking at our website plus he wanted to guess where the FAQs page was? I wasn’t sure what a FAQs page was, plus I said so.

He said it was a frequently asked questions page, plus he had a problem that could actually be answered on the page. I could not understand why he just would not let us send out an HVAC specialist to answer his question. He could also look at the HVAC proposal while he was there plus make a maintenance if it was needed. The man told myself and others he wanted to look up the question. Even if the HVAC specialist drove into his driveway, it was going to cost him a maintenance call, plus that wasn’t cheap. He wanted to make sure what he had going on was something that truly needed an HVAC specialist to come to the house. I knew I sounded confused to him because I sounded confused to me. I knew he wanted to get out of paying an HVAC specialist, but that would actually be the best way to have his question answered. I tried to talk him into having an HVAC specialist come to the house, but he refused. He said he would call a single when he needed a single; Until that point came, he would figure it out on his own. He hung up before I could say anything more. I went to the owner plus asked why the two of us con’t have a FAQs page on our website. He looked at myself and others oddly plus told myself and others he didn’t even guess the two of us had a website.


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