He had a difficult time in school.

Our son told us he wanted to go to the HVAC technician’s school. I was concerned with his choice of careers because of the difficulties he had in high school. He was in special needs classes because of his lack of comprehension. He had to work three times as hard as most students to get through his studies and retain what he was learning. I thought he was setting himself up for failure, but my husband told me to stay out of it. It was our son’s decision to go to HVAC technical school, and he was sure he would be fine. I’m not sure who those first weeks were more difficult on; me or my son. I was always fretting that he was going to come home and tell me they kicked him out of class, but he didn’t. He holed up in the den with his father, and they studied together. After six weeks, he was understanding what he was doing and doing it well. By the end of the year, he was at the top of his class, and going out on training sessions with his HVAC instructor. The next hurdle he had to overcome was the certification classes. Once again, he and his father were in the den, studying together nearly every night. When the instructor ask him to be the apprentice at his HVAC company, I wasn’t sure who was more proud: him or his father. I know my son commented he owed it all to his father, who had probably become just as an HVAC technician as he did over the last 16 months.


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