He placed an order for an air purification system.

My husband never told me he had placed an order for an air purification system. We talked about the dust in the air and how our daughter’s asthma seemed to get worse. After he went to work the next morning, I got on the phone to the HVAC company. I was going to have them check our HVAC system to see if we could get a whole-home air purification system installed. When the receptionist asked for our address, she asked if I had called earlier? I told her I hadn’t and asked why. She told me that someone had called earlier that day and made the same request. I called my husband and asked if he had placed an order for an air purification system. He said he had, and he was going to tell me that afternoon when he got home. I rolled my eyes and simply told him thanks for letting me know, and I just tried to do the same thing. Two days later, the HVAC technician was inspecting our HVAC system. He told us we could have the whole-home air purification installed and began asking questions about the UV light and HEPA air filters. My husband seemed to know what he was talking about, but I was clueless. After explaining that the UV light helped to kill what got through the HEPA air filter, I was glad we chose both in the air purification system. I couldn’t believe the difference in how well our daughter was breathing once the whole-home air purification system was installed.

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