He talked like he was our best friend.

I have this innate dislike of anyone who tries to act like a friend or family the first time we meet them.

Last week, I had the HVAC company send a technician to the house to check the furnace.

My husband wasn’t yet home when the HVAC technician arrived. He was overly friendly, and I was quite uncomfortable. By the time my husband got home, I was ready to toss him out on his ear. My husband walked in and asked if he had repaired the furnace yet. The young man shook his hand and said he was just getting ready to go to the basement. It took him less than an hour to repair the furnace, but it took him way too long for me. I coldn’t wait until he finished the furnace and headed out. Once he was done telling us about the repairs he made and how much it was going to cost, I wasn’t as upset with him. He was actually quite a nice kid, and I realized he was talking to me like I was his grandmother and not just a customer. My husband asked him why he became an HVAC technician, and they chatted out by the service van for a while. After the young HVAC technician pulled out, my husband told me he had recently lost his grandparents when their furnace broke, and the house filled with carbon monoxide. He became an HVAC technician so he could do his part to make sure no other grandparent would ever die of carbon monoxide poisoning.


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