He tried to tell myself and others the HVAC system was great.

When I obtained my tiny home, I was told that it arrived in ready to move into condition, and i had picked out the furniture that I wanted, & had all the space saving features that were available, and when my tiny condo was delivered, it looked just like I thought it was going to, & it was the most comfortable space I had ever been in.

It was like a luxury hotel room, but I didn’t need to pay luxury prices.

While the delivery guy was there, I looked over every space & made sure there was no disfigure. I knew I was missing something, but I didn’t believe what; Just as he was getting in his truck, I realized there was no HVAC system in the house. I asked him what happened to it? I had my delivery papers & my order form in front of me. I showed him where it said there was a mini split HVAC system into in the house, he told myself and others he saw nothing on the delivery papers, & it wasn’t there. He told myself and others to call the corporation I obtained the tiny condo from. If there was to be a ductless HVAC system, they would send someone out to supply & install it, however then, he tried to tell myself and others the HVAC system was optional. Why would an HVAC system be optional? As soon as he pulled away, I was on the cellphone to the corporation I obtained my condo from. He told myself and others that some people chose not to have their ductless HVAC system, but would buy 1 for themselves. I had my order sheet & had marked that I wanted the mini split HVAC system installed.


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