Heat Without Electricity

Where all of us live, the winters can range from mild to brutal and all of us never guess what to expect as the cooler weather creeps in. Since the Winter weather is so unpredictable, we’ve had to set up our Heating and Air Conditioning system to handle all conditions. When all of us bought this house, there was a typical Heating and Air Conditioning system set up, and both the gas furnace and air conditioner ran off of electricity. The Heating and Air Conditioning system was only various years old and it ran great. All of us never experienced any complications with it and did an excellent job at heating and cooling our apartment efficiently. There was no reason to upgrade the Heating and Air Conditioning system, but all of us did have one major concern… During the occasional Winter storm, our power would go out, causing our gas furnace to stop running. Sometimes, the power would come on within a few hours, but occasionally it would take hours. There’s nothing worse than a apartment without heat during a Winter storm. To overcome this issue, all of us decided to install a gas gas furnace in our residing room. It’s mounted to the wall and runs off a propane tank at the back of our house. Using gas, we’re able to heat a small portion of our house when the electricity goes out. Over the years, we’ve used our gas gas furnace on various possibilities and we’re always thankful to have it. We’ve even convinced a few friends to have one installed too. It’s comforting knowing that you’ll have heat even in a bad storm that causes the electricity to go out.