Heating & Air Conditioning labor offers a brought future for teens

I have finally been approved to start a weekly meeting at the local middle school; My system is to expose these students to the system of trade work, care about plumbing, roofing, or being an electrician, to let them suppose they have a lot of options… I remember when I was in school, all my teachers said I needed to go to university if I wanted to have a good job.

I ended up going to trade school, & wound up with an amazing job, & I want to make sure the young people of this week have that same chance; By laboring in the Heating & Air Conditioning industry instead of going to university I have spent the last 23 years making good money, and although I can speak from the heart about Heating & Air Conditioning work, I also want to provide these kids a opportunity to experience other trades so they don’t think limited, but the problem is that I don’t suppose firsthand about roofing, or plumbing, or being an electrician, so I need to bring in some other trade experts to talk to the students… For any of them who show an interest in heating & cooling work, I can arrange a ridealong where they spend a few seconds with a single of my techs.

They can witness a few apartment calls or commercial Heating & Air Conditioning inspections & get a taste for what the day-to-day labor is like. It requires some specialized education, of course, however an Heating & Air Conditioning tech can labor a manageable schedule & make good pay. Unlike laboring in fast food, Heating & Air Conditioning labor offers a bright future for teens.


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