Heating and Air Conditioning ads weren’t for me.

When I talked about becoming the owner of a local Heating and Air Conditioning corporation, I was thinking about all the tasks I didn’t want to do.

One of the scariest things about owning a small contractor biz is wondering how you were going to get clients.

My husband Sam was gleeful and told me I would need to do some Heating and Air Conditioning advertising. I wasn’t interested in handling advertising, however Sam was. Sam told me advertising is what he went to college for, however he found me instead. Sam told me advertising was important. Sam and I could hire an online advertising contractor to advertise our small Heating and Air Conditioning corporation, or Sam and I could do it ourselves. I rolled my eyes and told him I was a Heating and Air Conditioning specialist and not a tablet geek. Sam once again reminded me he was a advertising major in college. That didn’t mean he was an expert in tablets. Sam said if I didn’t trust her, I could hire another online web development corporation. I was just talking about owning the Heating and Air Conditioning contractor and had no real plans yet, however he was already planning for ads and websites. I stopped Sam in mid-sentence and told him he was hired if I ever followed through with my idea. As it was at that moment, I was just speaking my thoughts aloud. I had no real intentions of being an Heating and Air Conditioning contractor owner, and it was sort of a ‘what if, and sometime in the future’ scenario. Sam must have thought it was a ‘this happening as soon as possible’ scenario… You would suppose I should have learned many years ago not to speak my ideas out loud. That’s how I wound up engaged.

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